Privacy Policy


Effective: 2020-06-13

Linfei Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "we" or "us.") is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. We will collect, use and share your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy of Our Applications(hereinafter referred to as "this privacy policy"). This privacy policy contains the terms of our collection, storage, use, sharing and protection of your personal information. We hope that we can clearly introduce to you how we handle your personal information through this privacy policy, so we recommend you to read this privacy policy to help you understand how to maintain your privacy. If you do not agree with any content of this privacy policy, you should immediately stop using Our Applications or services. When you use any service provided by us, it means that you have agreed us to legally use and protect your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy.

The following will help you understand how we collect, use, store, transmit, share, transfer (if applicable) and protect personal information; help you understand how to query, access, delete, correct, and withdraw authorized personal information:

Ⅰ. How Do We Collect and Use Personal Information

1. What Kind of Information Do We Collect:

(1) The relevant personal information you provided to us when you registered your account, such as phone number, name, email, etc.;

(2) The data you provide when using products or services, such as your uploaded avatar, shared photos, etc.;

(3) Information submitted by you through our customer service or participating in events held by us. For example, the questionnaire filled out when you participate in our online activities may contain information such as your name, phone number, and home address;

(4) Device information. For example, device model, operating system version, unique device identifier, battery, signal strength and other information;

(5) Software information. For example, the software version browser type and version;

(6) IP address;

(7) Location information. When you use location-related services, we may record the location information of your device in order to provide you with relevant services.

2. How Will We Use the Collected Information:

We strictly abide by the provisions of laws and regulations and the agreement with users, and use the collected information for the following purposes:

(1) Provide services to you, and maintain and improve these services;

(2) Product development and service optimization. For example, when our system fails, we will record and analyze the information generated when the system fails, and optimize our services;

(3) Recommend advertisements, information, etc. that you may be interested in to you;

(4) Software certification or management software upgrade;

(5) We may use your personal information to prevent, detect, investigate fraud, endanger security, illegal or violate agreements, policies or rules with us or its affiliates to protect you, our other users, us or the legal rights and interests of related parties;

(6) Safety guarantee. For example, we will use your information for identity verification, security precautions, anti-fraud monitoring, archive backup, customer security services, etc.;

(7) We may use the data you upload in the application to discover more services for you;

(8) Other uses with your permission.

You understand and agree:

1.We are committed to creating a variety of products and services to meet your needs. Because there are many types of products and services we provide to you, and the specific product/service range that different users choose to use, correspondingly, the basic/additional functions and the type and range of personal information collected and used will be different. Please specify The product/service function shall prevail;

2.In order to bring you a better product and service experience, we are constantly striving to improve our technology, and then we may launch new or optimized functions from time to time, and may need to collect and use new personal information or change personal information purpose of use. In this regard, we will separately explain to you the collection purpose, scope and method of use of the corresponding information by updating this policy, pop-up windows, and in-site letter notifications, and provide you with a way to choose and agree on your own, and after obtaining your express consent Collect and use. During this process, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you can contact us through the various contact methods we provide, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Ⅱ. How Do We Use Cookies

We or our third-party partners may collect some personal information of users through cookies and related technologies, including: user's website visit habits, user browsing information, user login information, and cookies and related technologies collect this type of information. In order for users to use our products, technologies and/or services as necessary, simplify the steps for users to repeat operations (such as registration, login), provide users with service content that is more suitable for users' personal needs and content that users may be more interested in, and help users determine account security, or improve our products and services. We will strictly require third-party partners to comply with the relevant provisions of this policy. You can also manage cookies through your browser settings. But you need to understand and be aware that this action may affect your normal use of our products, technologies and/or services, or fail to obtain the best service experience under certain circumstances, and may also affect your information protection and Account security has a certain impact.

Ⅲ. How Do We Share, Transfer, and Publicly Disclose Personal Information

Except for the following circumstances, without your prior consent or authorization, we will not share your personal information with third parties.

We may share your personal information with third-party partners (third-party service providers, advertising partners, app developers, etc.) and use them for the following purposes:

1. Provide you with our services;

2. To achieve the purpose stated in the section "How do we use the collected information”;

3. Fulfill our obligations in this privacy policy and exercise our rights;

4. Understand, maintain and improve our services.

Please understand that in the following cases, according to laws, regulations and national standards, we do not need your authorized consent to share, transfer, and publicly disclose your personal information:

1. Directly related to national security and national defense security;

2. Directly related to public safety, public health, and major public interests;

3. Directly related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and execution of judgments;

4. In order to protect your or other’s personal life, property and other important legal rights but it is difficult to obtain my consent;

5. Personal information that you disclose to the public;

6. Collect personal information from legally publicly disclosed information, such as legal news reports, government information disclosure and other channels.

7. Related to our fulfillment of obligations under laws and regulations.

According to laws and regulations, sharing and transferring personal information that has been de-identified, and ensuring that the data recipient cannot restore and re-identify the subject of personal information does not belong to the external sharing, transfer, and public disclosure of personal information. Storage and processing will not need to notify you separately and obtain your consent.If you do not agree that we provide your personal information to third parties in accordance with the above terms, please stop using our platform services immediately.

Ⅳ. How Do We Protect the Security of Personal Information

1. We attach great importance to the security of your personal information and will strive to take reasonable security measures (including technical and management aspects) to protect your personal information and prevent the personal information you provide from being used improperly or accessed without authorization , public disclosure, use, modification, damage, loss or disclosure.

2. We will use encryption technology, anonymization and related reasonable and feasible means that are no less than those of industry peers to protect your personal information, and use security protection mechanisms to prevent your personal information from being maliciously attacked.

3. We adopt a strict data use and access system to ensure that only authorized personnel can access your personal information, and conduct timely security audits on data and technology.

4. Although the above reasonable and effective measures have been taken and the standards required by the relevant laws have been observed, please understand that due to technical limitations and various malicious means that may exist, in the Internet industry, even if every effort is made to strengthen security measures, It is also impossible to always guarantee 100% security of information. We will do our best to ensure the security of the personal information you provide to us.

5. Once you leave Our Applications service and browse or use other websites, services and content resources, we will not have the ability and direct obligation to protect any personal information submitted by you besides the software or website of Our Applications, whether you log in, browse or use the above software and website are based on links or guidance of Our Applications.

Ⅴ. Manage Your Personal Information

1. You have the right to access, correct and delete your personal information; however, the deletion or modification of related information may affect your use of related products or services or cause the realization of some functions.

2. Delete Account

You have the right to delete your Voice Recorder - Recording - App account.

2.1 You can delete your account by the following steps: Me - Account Center - Sign out.

2.2 Once your account is canceled, you will be unable to use our app and services, so consider carefully before proceeding. In order to ensure the security of your account, we will perform a verification before your request for account cancellation takes effect. If the verification is successful, your account will be canceled within 15 days, or we will not process your request at once. After account cancellation, we will delete your personal data in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations.

2.3 Users acknowledge and confirm that all privileges related to the account will be unavailable after account cancellation, including but not limited to:

You can not recover your account after account cancellation.

You can not log in to your account again after account cancellation.

All data, subscriptions associated with your account will be deleted permanently.

We will no longer provide services related to the account to you.

Users are responsible for the consequences of account cancellation.

3. We will collect and use your information only to realize the functions of our products or services as described in this policy. If you find that we violate the laws, administrative regulations or the agreement between the two parties to collect and use your personal information, you can ask us to delete it. If you find that your personal information we collected and stored is wrong, you can also ask us to correct it. Please contact us through the contact details listed in this policy.

Ⅵ. Minor Clauses

We attach great importance to the protection of the personal information of minors. According to relevant laws and regulations, if you are a minor under the age of 18, you should obtain the consent of your parents or legal guardian before using our products and services.

If you are a child under the age of 14, you must read this privacy policy or the privacy policy of the corresponding product or service with your guardian to decide whether to use our products or services. If you need to submit personal information to obtain products and services, please obtain the consent of the guardian and complete it under the guidance of the guardian.

If you are the guardian of a child, you should carefully read this policy or the privacy protection policy of a specific product before helping the child complete the registration and use of a product or service, and decide whether to agree to the privacy policy. When you have any questions about the personal information of the children under your guardianship, you can contact us through the contact information in Section 8 of this Privacy Policy.

Ⅶ. Amendment and Notice of Privacy Policy

In order to provide you with better services, Our Applications will be updated and changed from time to time. We will amend this privacy policy in due course. These amendments form part of this privacy policy and have the same effect as this privacy policy. After this Privacy Policy is updated, we will post an updated version on the product website. If such changes will result in a substantial reduction of the user's rights under this Policy, we will remind you of the updated content through the official websitehttps://www.linfei.appbefore the change takes effect. Keep up to date with the latest version of this privacy policy.

In this case, if you continue to use our services, you agree to be bound by the revised policy.

Ⅷ. Contact Us

If you have complaints, suggestions, questions about the protection of personal information, you can send the problem to the email, we will review the issues involved as soon as possible, and fifteen work after verifying your user identity Reply within days.